Computer Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than finding that your computer is suddenly malfunctioning or “your Internet is down” and you can’t get your work done or surf the Web. NYITTECH Computer Repair has all the necessary experience and knowledge to quickly find out what the problem is and efficiently resolve it.

Do you have any of the following computer / network problems?

– Your computer just crashed and you are searching for fast professional service with decent rates for a quick diagnostic or

– You can not access the Internet / email any more or

– You need a bigger hard drive or more memory or

– You have just discovered that your computer has a virus, spyware or

-You just can not use it at all because of hundreds of pop-ups and you want a professional technician to get rid of them or

– You want to setup / troubleshoot a home / office network (wired or wireless) to telecommute and be able to share files and printers or

– You need somebody to help you setup your new software or hardware etc.


Computer Repair/Diagnostic

– Run diagnostics to check your system for hardware problems.

– Overall System evaluation.

– Virus and Adware/Spyware repair

– Investigate additional problems upon request